the best customer experiences are built using haku

haku is a company obsessed with customer experiences, because we hold an unassailable belief that providing the absolute best customer experience throughout the entire journey, for everyone, is the only way to achieve real success. That's why we tailored our technology and services for companies that are seeking to build more meaningful, personal and productive relationships with everyone that interacts with their business.

Creating a strong culture and staying connected through our shared mission and values
Put People First
Treat everyone with honesty, respect, and kindness. Customers, users, business associates, and employees are always treated the same way at haku: like rock stars!
Chase Innovation
Be industry and client-driven, consistently delivering the best products and services to provide the most cutting-edge solutions available.
Do Everything With Integrity
At haku, we know success will come and go, but integrity is forever. That means doing the right thing no matter what it means for our bottom line, because any good partnership always starts with trust.
Keep It Simple
We create beautiful, functional, easy-to-use products - and we always will.
Have Fun
We at haku know better than anyone that being social and active is a blast, and we're proud that our product is a gateway for people to participate in the events they enjoy. We love our app, we love our business, and we take fun seriously.
Go Do!
haku means exactly that: Go. Do! We're about action. About social engagement. About getting things done in the most efficient seamless ways possible. We promise to always keep going, doing and improving.

We live by the mantra "beautifully usable". To us, something is beautifully usable when design and function work together to solve a problem or reach a goal in a way that not only makes it easier to get there, but delights you on the way. To us, that means obsessing over the form, function, and aesthetics to give you an easy-to-use platform that simplifies the work of organizing your events.
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