A Feature-Packed Platform

Easier,targeted marketing

haku's insights help you understand participant behavior so you can increase participation and revenue.
marketing with actionable insights
  • Insights Help You
  • Expand your reach
    With accurate geographic information about your community you can focus your marketing efforts to attract new participants.
  • Create Targeted Marketing
    Use insights to segment your community and deliver more engaging messages based on behavior or demographics.
  • Improve Sponsorship Activations
    Provide more value to sponsors by offering a clear view into your community's demographics, so they can rest assured that they are reaching the right audience.

Marketing that is effective

Accurately track how many new registrations and how much revenue your marketing is generating.
Easily track return on marketing

Encourage spending with rewards

Easily automate rewards for your customers - no need for coupons, promotions, or additional software to track affiliate activity.
Encourage spending with rewards
  • 14%
    average participation growth customers experience when joining haku
  • 38%
    participants registering using mobile devices with haku
  • 40%
    increase in participant engagement through haku's marketing tools

Exactly what you're looking for

With highly customizable event templates, you can make your brand stand out with haku.
All your social media profiles in one place. Post to multiple accounts, like, favorite, reply and retweet, all from within haku.
A complete email marketing system that uses the power of your community and advanced analytics to generate revenue.
Create rewards that drive new registrations. Flexible options allow you to customize how to reward participants based on behavior.

Build your community

The haku platform helps you build a community of participants, fundraisers, donors and volunteers. haku comes with all the tools you need to better engage, attract, and retain your community so you can grow your revenue.
Powerful Dashboard

A powerful CRM

haku aggregates your participant's history and demographics making it easier for you to connect with them in more creative and enticing ways.

Improve Engagement

haku helps you implement a multichannel communication plan so you can better connect with participants based on their preferences.
Improve Engagement

Feedback lets you improve customer satisfaction

Learn what your customers think about your events through our automated feedback feature.
Experience higher satisfaction rates from participants by proactively addressing their concerns.

Detailed Participant Profiles

All of your customer's data is now easily visible through their individual profiles, giving you accurate records of participation, interactions, and demographics.
  • Influence
    We track social and email shares, so you can learn who are those unknown ambassadors bringing you additional registrations.
  • Communication
    Keep track of all communication sent to your participants. All messages sent from haku are automatically stored in each participant's profile and accessible at any time.
  • Connections
    Understand how your participants are connected, and provide incentives to call on their friends and family to register to your events.
  • Spending and participation
    Quickly understand who are your best customers based on how much they spend with you or how many events they've done.
  • Raise more with better tools
    Intuitive and easy to use, haku's fundraising features provide organizations with powerful analytics and empower fundraisers to reach for a higher goal.
  • Fundraising events & campaigns
    Whether you're organizing an event or fundraising year round, haku has all the tools your organization needs.
  • Reduce your overall expenses
    With unlimited administrators, campaigns, events, emails, and no set up or ongoing fees, your costs to raise money are sure to go down.
  • Donations on the go
    100% mobile optimized forms, donors can now give from any device in less than 2 minutes.
haku gives fundraisers...
  • Personalized Fundraising Pages
    Your fundraisers have a fully personalized page, with photos and videos, to share their story and how they are making an impact for your organization.
  • Donation Tracking & Analytics
    Fundraisers have the ability to track where donations are coming from so they can be more successful with their efforts.
  • Robust Campaign Tools
    Our campaign tools let fundraisers send out emails and pledge donations from friends and family via social media, all from their own account.
haku gives donors...
  • Mobile-ready Donation Forms
    Donors can contribute on any device, from anywhere. Donations forms are completely compatible with all devices.
  • Multiple Donations, One Transaction
    Now donors can donate to more than one fundraiser in one simple transaction. This is especially useful for team fundraising events.
  • Recurring, Monthly Donations
    Donors committed to your cause can set up recurring donations and contribute to your organization on a monthly basis.
  • Privacy & Security
    Donors can pledge with absolute confidence that their data is well guarded and that transactions are 100% secure. We don't store Credit Card information.
haku gives organizers...
  • Unlimited Fundraising
    There is no limit to the number of events, campaigns, donation pages, contacts, or system users your organization can manage with haku.
  • Lower Costs
    Getting started with haku is free, there are no set up fees or monthly fees to worry about. We only charge a small fee on successful transactions. And you can give donors the option to cover this fee. Over 85% of donors choose to pay the processing fee.
  • A Robust CRM
    Build a community of fundraisers and donors and manage it with haku's CRM. Get actionable insights and powerful analytics about your community.
  • Email Marketing
    Use the insights from your community to engage via email with your fundraisers and donors. Create beautiful emails and track how much revenue and donations you generate.
  • Fundraising Events
    Organize runs, rides, walks, golf outings, galas, virtual events, and more, and give your participants the most powerful fundraising tools. Set up individual and team registration and fundraising.
  • Flexible Donations Options
    Allow single, recurring donations, or even multiple donations, all in one easy transaction.
  • Top Notch Customer Service
    Available by chat, phone or email, your organization, your participants, your fundraisers and your donors all get white glove service.

A Unique Way To Promote Your Events, Services, & Products Online

Increase sales with haku's Storefront. A powerful e-commerce platform that brings together your events, services, and products to drive participant spending in a simple single transaction.
Multiple Events & Products - One Transaction
The fastest and easiest way for your customers to register, to one or multiple events, and purchase merchandise all in one transaction.
Personalized & Tailored To Your Brand
Make it yours by personalizing your storefront with your logo and brand image.
Open A New Revenue Stream With E-commerce
Get ready to increase your sales by promoting merchandise and products through your storefront. Manage inventory, pricing, promotions, and more.
Promote Rewards & Special Pricing
Reward participants with discounted entries, bundle events, and offer special pricing based on consumer behavior.

Online Registration - Anytime, anywhere

haku's simple and mobile optimized registration allows participants to easily sign up for your events on any device.
51% of participants prefer to register on a mobile device

Branded & Customized

Let your brand stand out with easily customizable event pages. Take advantage of many different templates to find the right fit for your organization.

Say Goodbye To Paper Forever

We've simplified registration and check-in! haku's kiosk mode allows you to provide online registration where ever you need it and eliminate all the work associated to paper forms. A simplified form makes onsite registration a breeze, plus you can check in participants and dynamically assign bib numbers on site.

  • Take your New Registrations Tools to:
  • Race Day
  • In store
  • Expos
  • Promotional Events
Start Improving


Flexible registration options adapt to your event's specific requirements to help attract more participants.
  • Custom Fields
  • Corporate
  • Race Series
  • Teams
  • Fundraising
  • Virtual Events

Race Day Made Easier

Race Day Registration
Check In
Look Up
Live Results
Race Timing

Productivity Tools to Make Your Team Better

We offer the solutions to ease your event planning and coordination. Our productivity tools are designed to put you back in control of everything that needs to get done.
Quickly create, assign, set deadlines, and categorize To Do's to ensure things will get done on time. Attach files, track changes, and comment on progress!
Email no more! All your internal and external communication can now reside in haku, allowing you to quickly jump between conversations and never lose a detail.
Set goals and budgets, track revenue and expenses, easily view how your event is performing to ensure a healthy bottom line.

Data Makes All the Difference

haku provides you with powerful analytics about your events through easy to read dashboards, now all the data you need is right at your fingertips.
  • Registration Trends
  • Revenue Generated
  • Campaign Results
  • Funds Raised
  • Registration Sources
  • Demographics

Share your data when you need to

One click data share allows you to send your participant list to your vendors via email, text, or live link.
Share your data when you need to
Event Management
Manage Multiple Events

Create and manage all of your events. Access each event's vital information with a single click.

Event Dashboard

Event specific dashboards that display metrics that are important to you, like registration sources, participant counts, total revenue and more.


Your own Storefront displays all of your events in a single public page. Easily create event bundles or series, offer discounted pricing for multi-event registrations, and display promotions to participants.

Promos and Coupons

Quickly and easily create coupons and apply them to any of your event's categories. Our coupons can issue different discounts across different events.

Blitz Pricing

Each category in your event can have multiple pricing tiers that expire on specific dates.

Event Feedback

When your event is over, we collect feedback from participants about the event and allow you to engage with them to solve any issues. Now you'll know exactly what your participants think of your events and adjust to deliver a better experience.

Participant CRM

Look up any participant and see their entire purchase history. You can see all the event's they've participated in, any products purchased and even who else they are connected to.

Participant Insights

Easily analyze your data and know your participant community better. With haku, you'll be able to quickly connect with any demographic of your community.

Email Campaigns

Create beautiful emails campaigns to any specific demographic of your participant community.

Integrated Social Media Suite

Connect your social media accounts and respond to any mentions about your events. Also, you can schedule posts to be published on one or many of your connected social accounts.

Participant Rewards

Reward your participant's loyalty with haku's Rewards feature. Set your parameters, and rewards are automated to give your customers the prize they deserve.

Mobile Friendly

Participants can register from any phone or tablet very easily. With haku, you will not loose any registrations due to forms that are difficult to complete on the go.

Relay Team

Allow relay teams for any event. This feature works great for relay teams on marathons or triathlons.


Participants can register for multiple events you offer by completing one registration form. How easy is that!

USAT Integration

haku is fully integrated with USAT. Participants can easily enter their USAT number, renew their membership or purchase a one day pass.

Corporate Registration
Easy Team Creation

Captains can create their organization very quickly and follow a wizard that helps them setup their account. From the wizard they can update payment tiers, store credit cards and share their registration link.

Payment Tiers

Captains can setup different tiers and choose to pay for all or some of their team's registration fee.

Invoice Management

Captains can create printable invoices and make payments for all open invoices or any specific invoice.

Team Management

Captains can approve/deny participants, pay for any open balances and message their entire team.

Team Page

Each team can have their own custom team page. On that page, the team members can post pictures, comments and see their results right after the race.

Accept Donations During Registration

Raise more money for charities you support by allowing participants to make a one time donation during registration.

Participant Fundraising

Each participant that fundraises, can create a custom public page they can use to promote their fundraising efforts. Also, they can send emails to promote their fundraising efforts.

Team Fundraising

Individuals fundraising can create a team and collectively meet their fundraising goals.

Social Share

Participants can share their fundraising goals on social media and track how many donations came from either Facebook or Twitter.

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